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Winners and end of the Jessup German National Rounds 2017

Winners and end of the Jessup German National Round

Congratulations to the team of the Humboldt University of Berlin for winning the German Championship Round 2017. The best of luck for you and the teams of the University of Hamburg and the Heidelberg University at the Jessup International Rounds in Washington D.C. from 9 to 15 April. It was a huge honour to have had all 20 German teams in Passau for those four days of the competition. Thank you very much for a great time and have a save journey back. I am already very much looking forward to meeting – hopefully all of – you at the next German National Rounds 2018 in Kiel.

Announcement of the advancing teams

Announcement of the advancing teams

At the Noerr Announcement Dinner the eight advancing teams have been announced. Tomorrow, Saturday 11 March, those will compete again in four Quarter Finals. The best of luck for your further rounds! To all other teams: It was only tiny nuances that decided about winning or losing. Thus, do not be discouraged but focus on the great and formidable accomplishments. Remain faithful with the Jessup Competition, come back either as Coach or Judge and enjoy the last hours at the Jessup German National Rounds.

Welcome and begin of the Jessup German National Rounds 2017

Welcome and begin of the Jessup German National Rounds 2017

Today, the Jessup German National Rounds 2017 have officially been kicked off at the MeisterRechtsanwälte Welcome Reception.

Once again, I would like to warmly welcome all Mooties, Coaches, Judges and guests. The best of luck for the competition and a great time in Passau!

A very warm welcome and a heartfelt thank-you to our Sponsors

I am excited to present to you our official sponsors for the German National Rounds 2017. Thank you very much for your support and welcome to the Jessup Competition.

All our Sponsors

The Jessup 2017 Official Schedule and the Compromis have been released

The International Law Students Association (ILSA) has published the official schedule and the Compromis for this year’s competition. Both can be found on this website or directly on ILSA’s website. 

This year’s Compromis is named "The Sisters of the Sun". It deals with some current problems in international law: among them transboundary aquifers, basic human rights including the rights to food and water, and what happens when arguable violations of those rights generate refugee outflows.

Official Jessup Rules have been released

ILSA has released the Official Jessup Rules 2017. Those rules underwent some changes. A summary of all changes has also been published.

You can find both documents - the Official Rules and a summary of all changes to the rules - either on this website or on ILSA's website.

First Batch of Basic Materials has been released

ILSA has released the first batch of basic materials. It contains, besides of some basic treaty texts and Judgements of the ICJ, other case law that might be relevant for this year's competition. Also the first batch of basic materials includes some papers published in international journals. You can find all documents in ILSA's website.

German Supplement Rules have been released

The German Supplement Rules have been approved by ILSA and are now available on this website and on ILSA's website.

The rules - mostly - stand in line with last year's Supplements, inter alia by establishing Quarter Final Rounds.

Nevertheless, the rules also underwent some changes, for example:

  • In accordance with the new Official Jessup Rules, there now is a German Supplement Rule that regulates additional payment for additional coaches. Please adhere to the deadline for additional payments: 1st March 2017.
  • For the first time, there will be a Match for Third Place if Germany may be represented by three teams in the International Rounds.
  • The pairing-system for the preliminary rounds underwent small changes to further enhance objective
  • and fair outcomes. Similar to last year's pairing-system each team will be facing teams from four different "levels" according to the ranking of the team's memorials. For details, please have a look to the rules - an example is included.The deadline for submitting the memorials on your team's dashboard on ILSA's website and by e-mail is 23:00 CET (UTC +1) on 13th January 2017. The memorials have to be send by e-mail to:

If there are any inquiries about the interpretation of the rules, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Second Batch of Basic Materials as well as Corrections and Clarifications have been released

ILSA has released the second batch of basic materials. It contains seven cases, five articles and three other sources that might be relevant for this year’s competition. You can find all documents in ILSA’s website. Also ILSA has published the 2017 Corrections and Clarifications. You can find them here (put link to document "2017 CorrectionsandClarifications").

2017 Jessup Compromis Panel at ILW

ILSA has uploaded the 2017 Jessup Compromis Panel. Experts on the panel discuss some of the key topics of the 2017 Jessup Compromis which addresses transboundary water aquifers, cultural heritage and the rights of migrants/refugees.

Deadline for Submission of Memorials

Please mind the deadline for the submissions of both memorials (Applicant and Respondent). It expires at 23:00 CET (UTC +1) on 13 January 2017. Keep in mind to upload your .doc/.docx files on your dashboard on ILSA’s website and to send them to Good luck for the last weeks of hard work.


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